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Who is Chris „The Tiger“ Thaller?

I’ve always felt like I was put on this earth to inspire others through meaningful projects and creative ideas. For a long time, I just didn’t know how.

After exploring various career paths, from marketing manager to Youth TV host, from online poker support representative to spearheading charity committees, from gift consultant to event manager, it was my time living in Sydney, Australia, that finally helped me discover my true purpose in life – inspiring others through creativity.

I am someone who tries to bring creativity into everything I do, whether it’s coming up with new campaign ideas, creating new event formats, or directing and editing videos. Everything in my life is curated to represent my huge passion for creativity, from my LinkedIn posts to my videos, my wardrobe, and my office space.

It took me a while to realize that the best way for me to create real impact was to initiate unique creative projects, events, or campaigns and to hold engaging talks.

I always try not to follow trends but to create them. And although there may be a rising demand for me to create something mainstream, if it’s not true to what I’m passionate about, I prefer to let someone else do it.

I created the adidas X Parley Run for the Oceans campaign, which united over 14 million runners from all over the world to raise global awareness of ocean plastic pollution.

Following my huge passion for the protection of endangered species, I created Run Wild, an awareness campaign in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Programme, engaging 1 million runners to raise awareness of biodiversity loss and the urgent need to protect endangered species threatened by extinction. This is also why friends call me „Tiger“.

To share my story, I gave a TEDx Talk on “Bold Ideas for Big Impact”. And nothing makes me feel more alive than presenting, whether it’s on a TEDx stage in front of a crowd or a camera.

Personally, I’d describe myself as a very intuitive, open-minded, bold-thinking, tireless idea machine and creative visionary who strives to create real impact.

Join me at #ABO on my mission to #bebold and create a better world for all of us.