We are a Creative Agency focusing on Corporate Culture and Marketing. Sustainability plays the key role in our work.

We inspire and motivate our clients and their staff through creative events and unique campaigns, thereby trying to make our planet a little better.

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by Chris Thaller

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In my keynote “Bold Ideas for Big Impact” I take the audience on a journey from the humble beginnings of a sunrise stand-up paddle board session in Sydney in 2008 to my creation of the world’s largest sustainability brand campaign, the “adidas X Parley Run for the Oceans”, a movement that has captured the hearts and minds of millions around the world.

In my keynote “Where Ideas come from” I try to inspire attendees to think big and embrace their own bold ideas for making a difference in our world. I challenge the audience to use their creativity and innovation to drive purpose and create lasting impact, both in business and in their communities. This keynote is not just about sustainability, it’s about the power of bold thinking and the impact it can have on the world around us.

Examples: TEDx Talk: Bold Ideas for Big Impact


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With my service Creative Consulting I offer tailored solutions to agencies and companies seeking innovative approaches to their marketing campaigns, business and team culture events.

With my special focus in sustainability, purpose-driven initiatives, community engagement, and mental health advocacy, I aim to infuse these vital elements into every aspect of my clients’ projects and try to elevate brands while promoting social responsibility and employee well-being.

With my ideas and concepts, I want to help brands not just to make noise, but to make real impact.

Events &

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Being on a mission to revolutionize corporate culture, I offer dynamic event formats tailored to foster employee engagement and well-being. Introducing “ABO Impact Days,” an initiative designed to harness the collective power of company staff towards sustainability. This event blends brainstorming sessions for innovative ideas with a pitching show to spotlight the best concepts, culminating in a vibrant social night celebrating collaboration and eco-consciousness.

Additionally, embracing the importance of mental health in the workplace, I present the “Body-Mind-Spirit Festival” format. This transformative event prioritizes the holistic well-being of employees, featuring health activities aimed at nurturing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Through these innovative corporate culture events, I try  to empower organizations to cultivate environments where sustainability thrives and employees flourish.


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