Tiger Talks – with Dr. Jane Goodall

By Chris Thaller

Published: 04/16/2024

Jane Goodall Tiger Talk Interview

As part of his interview series The Tiger Talks, our Co-Founder Chris had the great chance to meet the inspiring Dr. Jane Goodall for an intimate one-hour interview, focusing on the connection between corporations and sustainability.

Towards the end, he asked her the following: “Jane, I’ve just founded an agency. Can you put us on a mission and tell us what we shall achieve in the next 5 to 10 years?”

Watch the video below to hear what she said.

Dr. Jane Goodall

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» Organizations that are not yet perceived as sustainable brands, and therefore invest in advertising themselves as green, are often accused of greenwashing. What makes it hard for marketers and well-informed customers alike is the grey area of a company’s perceived sustainability vs. its actual positive impact over time. «

By Thomas Hochreiter

» In a crowd voting amongst the participants of the Austrian World Summit 2022, the most important methods of reaching people with climate topics were “Hands on solutions” and “Emotion.” Alarmism, however, was on the low end of the ranking. «

By Thomas Hochreiter