Baby mattress producer Newton Baby has teamed up with our partner CleanHub to recover 1 million pounds of ocean-bound plastic waste by partnering with local communities in Indonesia.


  • Find an emotional and engaging way to make the  cooperation of Newton Baby and CleanHub tangible for customers.


  • Video storytelling campaign based on a lullaby about ocean pollution and a desirable future.


  • Co-creation of the communication plan and campaign concept.
  • Several different Video Edits and Stills for the main Online Marketing Channels to announce the cooperation.
  • Lullaby & Visual Content that can be used in future marketing activities of Newton Living.

Our Role in the Newton X CleanHub Cooperation

First, we acted as creative consultants in the development of the communication strategy together with the Newton Marketing Team and the Sustainability Experts of CleanHub. 

Second, we assembled a team of creatives for the storytelling campaign, starring Lullaby Songwriter Cedric F. Jacob,  Audio Producer Peter Cruseder and the Video Team Crisp & Juicy that had to show a lot of patience and creativity when shooting with the 6-month-old face of the campaign.

Based on a hero clip, we created several shorter edits for the various Online-Marketing Channels of Newton Baby, that will be used for promotion from Earth Day, April 22, 2023 onwards.

Behind the scenes Newton Baby Shoot


The vision of clean oceans for a better tomorrow is shared by the whole Newton Management & Team, as we found out in the kick-off workshop.

Newton Founder & CEO Michael Rothbard even went to Indonesia before the campaign launch to visit the waste collection teams & recycling facilities, together with his son. 

»So feel safe,
these dreams will carry you.
A better tomorrow,
for you to wake up to.«

Ocean Baby Lullaby